AdTrackzPro Installation Guide


This installation manual assumes you know how to ftp into your website, upload files and set permissions.

To request your ONE FREE installation of your AdTrackzPro software, simply submit a "Installation Request" ticket to our support desk along with:

  1. Your Name
  2. The email address that you used when you purchased the software.
  3. And finally, a copy of your PayPal receipt #

If you're not sure how to do this, I would recommend that you pay for a professional installation.

$30 for installation on one domain - CLICK HERE TO ORDER NOW!

If you want to do it yourself, check out this video which will teach you how to ftp into your website. It's really not that hard.



Step 1: Files and Permissions

**NOTE** If you are installing AdTrackzPro on a server that is hosted by Hostgator, you do not have to change any permissions on the folder that you install AdTrackzPro in.

Download and unzip

FTP into your website and navigate to your home directory. Create a folder called "AdTrackzPro". You
can call it something else but be sure to remember the name of this directory.

CHMOD the directory to 777.

CHMOD the following files to 777:


To do this, just use your ftp software program that you learned how to use above, and right click the file and type 777.

Upload all the files in the "code" directory on your hard drive to directory you just created.

You DO NOT have to create a folder called code within the AdTrackzPro folder. You want the files from the code directory on your hard drive to actually be in the AdTrackzPro directory.

NOTE: If you are experiencing problems, try to chmod the directory to 755.

Step 2: Create Mysql Database

Log into your host's control panel and create a new mysql database called AdTrackzPro.

Depending on what host you have you may have to create a mysql user and password, and then ADD it to the database with all permissions.

How to create a database video.

Google search.

Step 3: Install Form

Now you have to run the installation script and set all the variables.

Point your browser to

AdTrackzPro will walk you through setting all your variables.

Step 4: Delete Install

Once you have successfully completed the installation, it is recommended that you delete install.php from your AdTrackzPro directory. If you don't, anybody can run install.php and wipe out all your data.

Uninstalling AdTrackzPro

Uninstalling AdTrackzPro will wipe out all your data and start you from scratch. To uninstall, go to ll=yes

Of course if you deleted install.php you'll have to upload it again to your directory before
running it.

A Few Tutorial Videos on how to use AdTrackzPro

Need Help?

If you are having any problems installing this script, you can contact me at the links below.

Please provide a detailed explanation of the problem and any other relevant information.

If you are having problems that are far beyond your scope of knowledge, and it requires me to
basically install the script for you, I will have to charge the installation fee.


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